Hadasit Bio-Holdings

Company Profile

Hadasit Bio-Holdings Ltd. ("HBL") was founded and floated on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE : HDST ) and recently on the OTC (OTCBB : HADSY ) in order to allow public participation in the highly promising field of biotechnology.

It serves as a precedent in biotech financing - for the first time, public investment is allowed to participate in a holding entity including companies based on IP generated by Israel’s foremost medical research center – Hadassah University Hospital ("HU").

In addition to the public holdings (35%) – including major Israeli institutional investors, HBL is held by Hadasit (23%), CenturesInvestments-UK Private Equity (27%) and LifeMapSciences (15%). The traded stock, as a unique investment vehicle, provides investment exposure to a select cluster of 6 biotech companies - all based on inventions developed and owned by HU.

HBL is a publicly traded subsidiary of Hadasit Ltd. – the technology transfer company of the Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem, Israel. Hadasit was established for the purpose of promoting and commercializing the intellectual property (IP) and R&D capabilities generated by Hadassah, aimed at finding solutions to problems faced by modern medicine.