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Thrombotech Ltd. Buyout Negotiations With D-Pharm Ltd

Feb. 23, 2012

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Hadasit Bio-Holdings Ltd. (TASE:HDST, OTC:HADSY) has announced the following regarding its portfolio company, Thrombotech Ltd.

Thrombotech Ltd. ("Thrombotech"), a portfolio company in which Hadasit Bio-Holdings Ltd. has a 24% position, is pleased to announce the following:

Thrombotech and D-Pharm Ltd. ("D-Pharm"), a company publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, are negotiating the purchase of Thrombotech by D-Pharm. This transaction would include the allocation of D-Pharm shares to Thrombotech shareholders, based on the two companies’ valuations.

For this purpose, the Thrombotech board appointed a negotiations team (consisting of representatives of shareholders who are not controlling shareholders - Including Mr. Ophir Shahaf, CEO), authorized to conduct negotiations on behalf of Thrombotech with D-Pharm and with its shareholders as well as to choose (jointly with D-Pharm) an external appraiser to perform an independent valuation of the two companies. It should be noted that to the best of the company’s knowledge, Clal Biotechnology Industries Ltd., the controlling shareholder in Thrombotech, is also the controlling shareholder of D- Pharm.

Any such agreement as proposed above would be subject to, inter alia, due diligence, approvals by the authorized company entity and the relevant regulatory authorities, negotiations between the companies and their shareholders, agreement on the terms of such a deal as well as agreements regarding other terms as necessary to complete the transaction.

At this point there is no certainty that any of the above will lead to an agreement between the parties.

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