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Publication of a Shelf Registration Report for an offer by way of rights of D-Pharm LTD

Dec. 27, 2014

HBL-Hadasit Bio Holdings Ltd.

(herein“The Company”)

27 December 2014


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Re: Publication of a Shelf Registration Report for an offer  by way of rights

of D-Pharm LTD


The Company is pleased to announce that D-Pharm Ltd., a company traded in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (herein: "D-Pharm") and of which approx. 13% is owned by The Company,  published by immediate reporting, a Shelf Registration Report for an offer by right offering, as per D-Pharm’s shelf prospectus of 11th November 2013 (herein: Shelf Registration Report).


Pursuant to the Shelf Registration Report published by D-Pharm, the offering is for between 146,914,000 and 148,234,000 ordinary, registered shares, of NIS 1 par value each in the company, offered to shareholders of issued and paid up share capital as at end of trading on 5th January 2015 (herein: Date of Record), in 587,656 to 592,936 rights units, such that every holder of 150 ordinary shares of the company at the end of the Date of Record, shall be entitled to purchase one rights unit composed and priced as follows:


Composition of unit

Price (NIS)

250 ordinary shares of NIS 1 par value each in the Company at a price of NIS 0.11 per share


Total price per rights unit




The rights offering has not been underwritten.


D-Pharm’s controlling shareholder has announced the intention to fully exercise all the rights offered as per the Shelf Registration Report, as follows: approx. 316,811 rights units conferring rights for the purchase of 79,202,750 shares, representing approx. 53.91% of the total rights offering to holders of ordinary shares. D-Pharm’s controlling shareholder is entitled to purchase further rights on the day of trading and implement them.


For further details regarding the Shelf Registration Report see D-Pharm’s immediate report dated 25th December 2014 (Ref no.: 2014-01-231303)




                                                                                    HBL-Hadasit Bio Holdings Ltd

                                                                                    By: Ms. Tamar Kfir, CEO


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