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Notice of results from meeting and request by the company

Sep. 23, 2014

Jerusalem Regional Court                                                              Case 14 43464-07

Request No. 6





Re: Section 350 of the Corporation Act, 1999 (hence: the "Corporation Act ")



HBL - HADASIT Bio-Holdings Ltd., public company513734590

Hadassah Ein Karem, POB 12000, Jerusalem, 91120


Represented by attorneys Rafi Shapira and Dr. Hadas Aharoni Barak

of the Abramson & Co. law firm

Beit HaTayelet, 2 Beitar St., Jerusalem 93386

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(The "Company")




Notice of results from meeting and request by the company


HBL HADASIT Bio-Holdings Ltd. (the "Petitioner") is pleased to announce that on September 9th, 2014, in a deferred meeting, the warrant holders (Series 4) approved the proposal to extend the exercise period of the warrants until February 26th, 2015, and to reduce the exercise price to 0.26 NIS.


A copy of the decision protocol, including the exact count of the votes, is attached as Appendix A to this appeal.


Therefore, the honorable court is requested to issue an order approving the extension of the warrants’ exercise period until February 26th, 2015, and the reduction of the exercise price to 0.26 NIS, as stated in the Company’s request, dated

July 22nd, 2014.


This request is supported in the affidavit of Mr. Yoram Azoulay, an investment manager in the company.


Jerusalem, September 21st, 2014.


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Rafi Shapira,   Attorney                                  Dr. Hadas Aharoni Barak, Attorney



A. Abramson & Co., Advocates

Representing the Petitioner


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