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Investment in CellCure Neurosciences Ltd.

Apr. 4, 2015

HBL-Hadasit Bio-Holdings Ltd.


            April 4, 2015

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Subject: Immediate Report –Investment in CellCure Neurosciences Ltd.


Following disclosure made by the Company in Section 26.2.2 of the Periodic Report of the Company for 2014, which was published on March 23, 2015 (Document No 2015-01-058795, respectively), regarding an equity raising by CellCure Neurosciences Ltd., 21.2% held by the Company (not fully diluted), by means of a convertible loan in a total amount of $ 4,200 thousand, and whose first stage in a total of $ 2,200 thousand has ended, and in which the Company participated in its relative in the amount of $ 466 thousand.

The Company respectfully announces that, in the framework of the second part in the amount of $ 2,000 thousand, it has transferred to CellCure the amount of $ 188 thousand which reflects the relative share of the Company until now of the second stage.


                        Yours truly,

HBL-Hadasit Bio-Holdings Ltd.

By: Ms. Tamar Kfir, CEO


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