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Immediate Report

May. 31, 2015

May 31, 2015


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Israel Securities Authority                                         Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Ltd.

22 Kanfei Nesharim Street                                         54 Ahad Ha'am Street

Jerusalem                                                                   Tel Aviv


Re: Immediate Report


On March 31, 2015, the Company submitted a first draft of a shelf prospectus to the Securities Authority. The Company hereby serves notice that as a result of discussions carried out vis-à-vis the Securities Authority staff, among other things with regard to issues concerning disclosure of transactions between the Company's controlled subsidiaries and its controlling shareholder, as of today the Company has resolved to rescind its request for the filing of the aforementioned shelf prospectus. Furthermore, in light of the aforesaid, the Company will not make use of the shelf prospectus that is valid until June 24, 2015. The Company intends to submit a new shelf prospectus request at a future date to be coordinated with the Securities Authority staff.



On behalf of: HBL – Hadasit Bio Holdings Ltd.

By: Tamar Kfir, CEO


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