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Final Results of KAHR Medical Ltd. Pre-clinical Trials

Oct. 13, 2015

HBL – Hadasit Bio-Holdings Ltd.

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October 13, 2015


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Re: Immediate Report – Final Results of KAHR Medical Ltd. Pre-clinical Trials


Further to the immediate report filed by the Company on June 29, 2015 (reference number 058740-01-2015) regarding the positive results achieved in a series of toxicology experiments on mice and monkeys with the KAHR-102 product (hereinafter: the “Pre-clinical Trials”) developed by KAHR Medical (2005) Ltd. (hereinafter: “KAHR”), a 49% (non-diluted) controlled subsidiary of the Company, the Company is hereby pleased to report that KAHR has received the final results of the KAHR-102 Pre-clinical Trials. The results in the final report demonstrate that use of KAHR-102 in the tested dosages does not cause severe side effects. KAHR-102 is intended for treatment of Lymphoma and autoimmune diseases.


For additional information regarding the KAHR-102 Phase I/IIa clinical trials performed by KAHR in Israel, see the immediate report submitted by the Company on June 29, 2015.    




HBL – Hadasit Bio-Holdings Ltd.

      By: Ms. Tamar Kfir, CEO


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