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Investment in Cell Cure Neurosciences Ltd.

Feb. 14, 2016

HBL - Hadasit Bio-Holdings Ltd.
(the “Company”)

         14 February 2016
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Israel Securities Authority  Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Ltd.
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Re: Investment in Cell Cure Neurosciences Ltd.

Further to the Company’s immediate report of 9 February 2016 (ref no. 2016-01-025189) accessible by way of reference (the “Previous Announcement”), regarding the Company’s notice to Cell Cure Neurosciences Ltd. (“Cell Cure”) of the Company’s participation in a round of fundraising by Cell Cure by way of convertible loan, as defined in the Previous Announcement; the Company hereby announces that on 11 February 2016, the Company informed Cell Cure of its participation for an amount of USD 74,000 (in additional to its participation of USD 381,000). The two amounts together reflect 15.71% of the Company’s pro-rata portion in the convertible loan to date.

True to date, the Company holds 21.2% of Cell Cure’s issued share capital (on an non-diluted basis). Assuming the conversion of all of Cell Cure’s convertible loans, the Company will hold 19.09% of the issued share capital of Cell Cure (on an non-diluted basis).


HBL - Hadasit Bio-Holdings Ltd.
By: Ms. Tamar Kfir CEO 


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