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Exclusive Licensing Agreement

Aug. 16, 2010

קישור בעברית בתחתית העמוד

BioMarCare Technologies, a subsidiary of Hadasit Bio-Holdings, has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Hadasit for the commercialization of an innovative marker enabling early detection of cancer

Jerusalem, Israel, August 16, 2010

Hadasit Bio Holdings (TASE: HDST) announced today that its subsidiary BioMarCare Technologies Ltd. (BioMarCare Technologies) signed a Memorandum of Understanding for an exclusive worldwide license agreement for the development and commercialization of a diagnostic molecular marker of early colon cancer using a simple blood test.

Licensing agreement was signed with Hadasit Medical R & D services (Hadassah University Hospitals technology transfer company) and the Ludwig Institute (Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research Ltd., NY) based on the CCAT1 marker, and the joint research between the two institutions led by a senior oncological surgeon from the Hadassah hospital.

BioMarCare Technologies in engaged in the development and commercialization of biological markers for early detection, prognosis and monitoring recurrence of cancer. This field is part of the molecular Diagnostics field, which has been showing rapid growth both because of the need for early detection of disease (such as a non-invasive blood test) and because of the desire to receive accurate feedback on the effectiveness of treatments provided for each patient (which is not always effective and involves serious side effects) contributing to more personalized medical treatments.

The new molecular marker, CCAT1, demonstrated very high sensitivity (over 95%) of biopsies in the diagnosis of colon cancer patients in earlier stages of the disease.

In addition, it is a specific colon cancer marker that distinguishes between colon cancer and other cancers. Over a million people suffer from colon cancer, worldwide, each year. Today, early detection is accomplished by administering fecal occult blood tests to individuals over the age of 50 with a diagnostic accuracy of 30%. The most reliable test today is a colonoscopy, an invasive rectal test with relatively low public compliance due to its associated preparations and general disturbing concerns; this reduces the methods actual capability of early detection in the general population.

Following the signing BioMarCare began the development process of a novel kit, for the non-invasive simple blood test using a panel of molecular markers. This is a kit using RT-PCR designed to detect with high accuracy the presence of CCAT1 as well as additional markers expressed in patients with cancer. A routine test will alert the patient enabling timely referral and testing for a more comprehensive diagnosis.

The company is currently applying for the approval of the institutional Helsinki Committee of Hadassah Hospital to perform a clinical trial with early stage colon cancer patients.

In addition to this product, BioMarCare is developing a diagnostic kit based on a blood test to detect protein markers for the diagnosis and monitoring of breast cancer metastasis. This product is being tested in a clinical trial with 300 patients to be concluded by the end of 2010.

The company gets R & D Services from the researchers at the Sharet Oncology Institute headed by Prof. Tamar Peretz. Prof. Peretz is a senior oncology opinion leader in the international cancer research community and acts as the clinical medical director of the company.

According to CEO Dana Cohen: "We are delighted to receive the license from Hadasit, expanding the company's product portfolio. The product has a great business and scientific potential and in light of the limited resources which are characteristic of biotechnology start-up companies, we believe that developing a group of related products will bring administrative, research and commercial benefits through a fruitful synergy. Reliance on the expertise and infrastructure of the Hadassah Hospital allows us to leverage these resources to rapidly reach positive clinical results, which will form the basis of a deal with a significant player in the diagnostic oncology market. "

"The development track of diagnostic products based on biomarkers short in comparison with the drug development process and requires focused development enabling clinical benefits in a short time," said Dr. Uriel Factor, vice president of R & D.

Dr. Einat Zisman Hadasit CEO added that "In light of BioMarCare’s progress with the development of the kit for monitoring the spread of breast cancer, Hadasit is happy to entrust the management team of the company with the additional technology developed at Hadassah. We hope the combined forces of the Hadassah researchers, the company and its location in the biotechnology park in Hadassah, close to the clinics and research laboratories will contribute to an efficient and rapid development of the kits. “

About Hadasit Bio Holdings:
Hadasit Bio Holdings (TASE: HDST) was founded by Hadasit (Hadassah Hospital’s technology transfer company) in 2006 with the aim of promoting the knowledge and experience gained in the research laboratories of the Hadassah Hospitals. Hadasit Bio Holdings consists of eight biotech companies all of which are after successfully demonstrating feasibility tests in animal models, and 4 of which are in clinical trials in humans.
Companies held by HBL are companies with potential blockbuster drugs (markets of over a billion dollars) addressing diseases and ailments in the field of cancer, inflammatory diseases and tissue rehabilitation using stem cells - areas where the Hadassah Hospital has vast knowledgeable and is a global leader. The company is managed by the Ophir Shahaf Adv.

For more information, please visit: www.hbl.co.il

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