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Successful Public Offering

Aug. 31, 2010

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HBL announces a successful public offering

on the TASE - over 11 million NIS raised

HBL - Hadasit Bio-Holdings Ltd. (TASE:HDST) is proud to report the results of

yesterdays public offering of stock and warrants (series 4) on the TASE.

Following a road show and discussions with investors, HBL has successfully raised

11.3 million NIS in a public offering of packages including 100 common shares and

100 warrants each.

The price per package closed at 128 NIS, above the 117 NIS initially proposed.

There was a significantly high demand (143% of offered packages) resulting in an

over-allotment of 3,007 packages.

Over 47% of the bidders (representing 81,787 of 88,447 packages issued) were above

the closing price. 50% of the bidders (33,970 requests for packages) did not receive

any packages since they were below the closing price.

The Company wishes to thank the public for its interest and responsiveness to the

proposal and its success.

Hadasit Bio-Holdings

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